Pinwheels for Prevention Generates Awareness of Child Abuse Prevention

Pinwheels for Prevention Generates Awareness of Child Abuse Prevention

Nearly everyone’s childhood has a memory with a pinwheel in it. Children of all ages love running through a yard, making the wind turn their colorful toy. You can lose your breath blowing at pinwheels, trying to get them to spin faster and faster.

 The iconic toy is the symbol of Pinwheels for Prevention®, which is an annual national public awareness campaign in April of each year that brings awareness to child abuse prevention. The pinwheel represents a happy, uplifting symbol of childhood and sends the message that every child deserves the chance to be raised in a healthy, safe and nurturing environment. The campaign works to remind everyone to wear blue and to discuss the importance of strong families and communities.

Last month, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana proudly partnered with the Montana Children’s Trust Fund, with employees across the state participating in numerous events, such as planting pinwheels at our statewide locations. Many employees wore blue every Monday, and several volunteered to help plant nearly 5,000 pinwheels around the Helena Capitol. The spinning blue pinwheels created an eye-catching display that helped to raise awareness and to start important conversations within our community.

 Blue Bear also got into the act, greeting kids at Jefferson Elementary School in Helena and Radley Elementary School in East Helena during their parades! The children at Radley even created a human pinwheel that was photographed from a drone. Blue Bear did a great job helping to get that many third, fourth and fifth graders in the right spot for the photo.

 At the Children’s Trust Fund resource fair, BCBSMT was on hand providing information on childhood asthma in partnership with the American Lung Association and the Care Van® immunization program. At the fair, Blue Bear made another appearance along with John Doran, Senior Director of Public Relations, reading to children at the Capitol Rotunda. 

“Children are at the heart of our community and are the foundation for our future,” Doran said.  “This is an important initiative that aligns with our core values, and being with the children makes it more worthwhile.”

The Montana Children’s Trust Fund’s priorities are fulfilled by increasing the number of parents and caregivers who are educated in healthy, positive and protective child-raising skills. When families are supported, children are less likely to be at risk for child harm and more likely to grow up happy and healthy. You can read more about the Children’s Trust Fund over at the Department of Health and Human Resources website