How do you take care of your SOUL?

A well-nourished life is a happy and healthy life, and that doesn’t only mean a good diet and exercise. Start taking care of your wellness today by adding in some simple daily practices to care for mind and soul:

  • Mind the Food on Your Fork – From staying happily hydrated and eating whole clean foods and indulging in something wonderfully sweet. 
  • Move Your Body – Find simple ways to keep moving that your body loves and that you can enjoy. 
  • Clear the Clutter – Ridding yourself of what no longer serves you can be both a physical and emotional clearing.  
  • Enrich Your Finances – Being a good steward of your money and thinking in abundance brings great rewards.  
  • Be Resilient – Learning to bend before you break when faced with a challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow from adversity. Our second quarter program will be all about building your resilience!
  • Cultivate Positivity Gratitude – Move from fear to love in your life. When a negative thought arises, counter it with something positive.  
  • Prioritize Self-Care – Take time daily, weekly, and monthly to love up on you! 
  • Live Your Purpose & Passion- Do what you love and love what you do. If you are in a position that is no longer serving you, make a plan and try to move on. 
  • Nurture Your Spirituality – Embrace the love and energy that flows through you when you feel a connection to something bigger than yourself. 
  • Rock Your Relationships – Your vibe attracts your tribe! Who supports, respects, and honors you? Who do you need to forgive? Who do you need to establish some boundaries with? Surround yourself with a support team of family, friends, healthcare professionals, and pets

Once we create the space we need, the process of changing other habits begin to flow more naturally. We begin to want to nourish ourselves because we know it will feel good. That is when you know you love yourself--when you recognize the value of feeling good!


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  • The central aspect of my spiritual life has become my marriage. He, like everything else in my life, is not easy and sometimes also tests me, and sometimes rewards me. My wife and I do not have much in common, but one look at basic things. I do not think that full compatibility is a necessary condition for a good marriage. But sometimes, when we begin to communicate, time flies by.

    Also, I have always believed and believe that an orderly and filled sex life is the heart of spiritual life.

    Home, sexuality, family, art, work, spiritual life, nature and friends are the foundations of spiritualized life. I'm not trying to perfectly balance my attention between all these areas and sometimes switch from one to another. But in general, my goal is to take care of each of them throughout the day, to make them weighty and irreplaceable ingredients of my life.

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