Winter Activities for the Family

Winter Activities for the Family

It’s winter time and for some of us, it’s a time to hibernate and settle down with a warm blanket and a mug of hot chocolate. For others, possibly the more adventurous types, there’s always something to do and winter isn’t any different!

In Montana, the winters can be harsh and bleak. You typically don’t want to do anything when temperatures drop below zero. So, maybe your way of staying relatively healthy and consciously moving is to do chores around the house. But, we have to admit, that can get kind of boring.

Here are a few ideas you can use to have a bit more fun this winter after the holidays are over and the cold is lingering.

  • Making a snowman (or have a snowball fight!): Moving the heavy snow and being out in the cold gets your heart rate up and may even ignite brown fat cells. Maybe the kids will take on the snowball fight which allows them to burn off some steam and lets them earn a few cookies once dry and inside.
  • Year-round farmer’s markets: Did you know that by looking on websites like Farm Aid, you’re able to find farmer’s markets near you? Check it out! It’s a way to stay healthy and local to your regions delicious foods!
  • Cleaning up the garden and yard: Yes, you may have to do some yard work before the seasons come around again. This is a great time to get rid of old or dead plants, cut down trees you don’t want and plant your seasonal spring flowers, especially perennials. Before it gets extra cold, get out there and give your gardening muscles a last go before springtime.
  • Walking through nature reserves: Whether it’s a forest or a preserve or even a botanical garden, many locations are open and are especially beautiful during the winter. Add a bit of snow and the world is a magical place. Walking is the best form of exercise and pushing yourself to get out there with the appropriate cold weather clothes can have you feeling refreshed and proactive.
  • Obstacle courses: Is it really ever too cold for an obstacle course? If you’re bundled up and ready for crispy air, the running, jumping and overall activity will keep you warm. Coming up with some cool obstacle courses for the kids using snow or fallen branches can keep things extremely interesting! Share a photo of one that you come up with below.
  • Taking down Holiday decorations: It may not be fun for the kids, but it definitely gets the family moving and working together. Have your helpers restock the decorations in the attic and help to get the house looking “normal” again. It’s social, collaborative and definitely helps get you moving around, even if it is inside.
  • Shovel snow: Time to get the shovels out! Not only does shoveling snow get your heart rate up, it’s also a great time to be a friendly neighbor. Offer to shovel paths for those who have limited mobility or aren’t able to do the work.

Just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean the family stops working out together! There are always opportunities to make even the boring fun. Take a stab at one of these activities and share what you chose to do in the comments below!