Welcome to the Blue Bear's home page!

Blue Bear is a healthy role model for big and little kids alike! He doesn’t talk much, but Blue sure does have a lot to say. He prefers to lead by example: he always eats his veggies, he is active every day and he makes sure that all of you are immunized so that you can make the most of your day without getting sick! 

Do you want to hang out with Blue? We don’t blame you, he’s a pretty cool bear! You might be able to find him riding along in the Care Van! Maybe you could meet up with him there and then cook a health meal together after your ride! Here are a few of Blue’s favorite recipes:

  1. Do You Know a Whole Grain When You See It? (Plus an Easy Recipe for a Healthy Diet)
  2. Quick Bites: Cozy Kale and Bean Slow Cooker Soup

After your fun lunch together, Blue might want to have your help with all of his efforts in his community. Volunteering and connecting with his city are both very important parts of Blue’s life and he’ll probably want to share that warm fuzzy feeling with you; and it’s not just from his hugs, but is a joy that he gets from helping people! Want to know how Blue gets involved? Check it out: 

  1. Partnership brings knobby tires, healthy fun to Carroll College campus
  2. BCBSMT helps bring play back to Billings park
  3. BCBCMT Helping Build Healthy Kids and Healthy Families in Montana Communities
  4. BCBSMT, KaBOOM! Join Forces to Help Build East Helena Playground.
  5. The Governor’s Cup is still going strong, sparking fitness fires

Blue just LOVES to hang out and play with his friends, and he would LOVE for you to be one of them!