Stay on Top of Your Prescriptions

Stay on Top of Your Prescriptions

Stay on Top of Your Prescriptions

Stay on Top of Your Prescriptions 

It’s not always easy to take your medications on time. Life sometimes gets in the way of the best-laid plans and you look at your pillbox and realize you’re several doses behind. Taking your medicine as prescribed, otherwise known as medication adherence, is important for controlling chronic conditions, treating temporary conditions, and your overall long-term health and well-being.  

Find the Solution 

If you’re having trouble taking your medications when you’re supposed to, figure out why. Here are a few of the common reasons: 

  • You’re taking many prescriptions and they’re hard to keep track of 
  • You’re busy and it’s not always convenient 
  • You’re not sure the medication is working 
  • You don’t like the side effects 
  • The cost is high 

Not taking your medications as prescribed is not a good idea. You put yourself at risk and you miss the benefits of your medication. 

What to do 
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana started the Pharmacists Adding Value and Expertise® (PAVE®) program to help our members with medication education. Local pharmacists may engage with members to help them understand and manage their disease state. The pharmacist works with each individual member to develop a customized solution. In addition to this education, this may include setting reminders on phones or using pillboxes to help organize medications and improve adherence. 

What else can you do? 

  • Know your pharmacy benefits. Go to to find out what is covered. 
  • If your medicine is too costly, ask if there is a generic choice or a less expensive alternative. Also, use our Blue Cross Medicare AdvantageSM for preferred pharmacies when possible to save more. 
  • If you’re having trouble with side effects, ask your doctor if there is a different medication you can try or how you might be able to reduce or prevent side effects. 
  • If you’re taking many medications and it’s hard to keep track of them, see if there is a way to simplify your dosing options. Ask your pharmacist if they offer any kind of reminder service or can suggest a phone app or other service that can help you. 

Your medications play a vital role in keeping you healthy. If you’re having a problem, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.  And remember the  three medication rights: 

  • Right amount – take the right dose every day. 
  • Right time – take your medication at the right time of day. 
  • Right way – take your medication exactly as prescribed by your doctor. 

Check out Living365®  for resources to manage your conditions and convenient access to local pharmacists and dietitians. 

Source: Why You Need to Take Your Medications as Prescribed or Instructed  , FDA 

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