Coverage While Traveling

We follow Marissa and her boyfriend as they travel out of state. While building up his courage to ask her a very important question, he gets nervous, fumbles and asks about his health care coverage abroad instead! As a Customer Advocate, Marissa answers his questions but is suspicious of his motives the whole time.

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Show Transcript

BOYFRIEND: I have to ask you something. I think I lost my Blue Cross and Blue Shield member ID card. Have you seen it?

MARISSA: It's in your wallet, where it always is.

BOYFRIEND: Hey! What's that suitcase icon?

MARISSA: That tells you if you have health coverage out of state.

BOYFRIEND: So if I got bit by a shark, I can find a hospital here where I'm covered?

MARISSA: You can contact Blue Cross and Blue Shield to see what's covered in your plan. But I'd definitely take you to an emergency room

BOYFRIEND: What if I got sand in my eye and got pinkeye?

MARISSA: Well some plans allow you to get care from an affiliated Blue Cross and Blue Shield doctor or hospital with an emergency

BOYFRIEND: Interesting. So it's that easy, huh?

MARISSA: It's that easy. Log into your Blue Access for Members account and search using provider finder.

BOYFRIEND: Wow, you really know your stuff.

MARISSA: What's with all the questions?

BOYFRIEND: Well, I've always been interested in my coverage, but I've been stalling to ask you. Will you spend the rest of your life with me?