Self-Management Program: Improving Your Nutrition

Self-Management Program: Improving Your Nutrition

Your body has an appetite for good food. You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” It’s true. When you eat well, your body rewards you.

Want to be healthy and happy with energy to do the things you love? Nosh on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean proteins and good fats.

Need help getting started?

The Well onTarget® portal offers self-management programs, tips and resources to help you fuel up on the food your body needs. The digital program includes:

  • Interactive courses with content and activities that focus on behavioral changes that build healthier eating habits.
  • Educational courses that help make positive life changes that support better nutrition.

Both allow you to study at your own pace when you have time. Best of all, these programs make it easy to learn. All of the content is based on recommendations from accredited programs and guidelines.

Improving Your Nutrition is for anyone who wants to understand how healthy eating can lower their risk for major diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and more.

Access the course through the Well onTarget member portal at leaving site icon  You can also use the mobile app, AlwaysOn®, to register for the digital self-management programs.

Give your nutrition a healthy boost and sign up at wellontarget.comleaving site icon 

Originally published 2/14/2019; Revised 2022, 2024