Save Money with a Value Pharmacy

Save Money with a Value Pharmacy

Did you know your health plan may offer a value pharmacy network? By using a value pharmacy, you may pay the lowest out of pocket cost on covered prescription drugs.

With your Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana prescription drug plan, you save money if you use a pharmacy in the network.

Some plans may also include a value pharmacy network.* When you choose a value pharmacy, you may save the most money when you fill  your covered prescriptions at these locations. You can also fill up to a 90-day supply of many covered drugs in the store or through home delivery.

Value Pharmacy Network

Whether you are at home, the office or on the go, you can find your value pharmacy network locations on leaving site icon

After signing into, leaving site icon your pharmacy network will automatically appear. If your plan includes value pharmacies, you can filter by “value pharmacies” in your search results.

You can also search without logging in.

  1. Visit, leaving site icon click “Pharmacies,” and select “Continue without sign in.”
  2. Select your Health Plan as “BCBS Montana.”
  3. On the Find a Pharmacy page, select "Value Network" and press “Submit.”
  4. On the Pharmacy Search Results page, select “Retail,” then enter your city, state, ZIP code or address to search for pharmacies in your network. Since all in-network retail pharmacies will be listed, you can filter by “Value pharmacies” to find specific locations in your Value Pharmacy Network.

Do you have questions about your prescription drug benefit or leaving site icon Sign up for Connect updates or leave a comment below.

Additional Information

Remember, not all pharmacies are in your health plan’s pharmacy network. Please note changes to the pharmacies may be made in the future.

Before you choose the closest one to you, find out if it is in your network. If it isn’t, you may want to go a little further to get your prescriptions filled. Your out-of-pocket costs are highest when you choose an out-of-network pharmacy.

In fact, some plans don’t provide out-of-network pharmacy benefits. You may end up paying the full cost for your prescriptions.

Check your benefits to see if you have a preferred pharmacy network. You can also call the Customer Service number on your Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana member ID card.

*Value Pharmacy Network pricing isn’t available for 100% cost-sharing plans. 

Originally published 4/1/2016; Revised 2020,2021, 2022