Welcome to the Health Care Costs Series

 Hello and welcome! Understanding how your health insurance works can be confusing. Throughout the series please feel free to engage us with your questions, comments and concerns. We hope that engaging in this fun series will leave you empowered to use your health insurance wisely and feel satisfied with the amount of coverage you get for the payments you make every month. We’ll show you how if you have a higher cost every month upfront, you may get more coverage when you need it. On the flip side, if you choose a less expensive plan upfront, you’ll pay more out of pocket if you get hurt or sick. We want you to know why it works that way.

In this “Cost of Care” series, we will be discussing the cost of health care in pieces, and breaking them down so it’s easier for you to understand. We hope that talking about where your monthly payment goes will help you to understand and be more comfortable with the cost of care. We want you to be happy with the service you receive from us here at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana, and we are dedicated to making sure that your coverage is transparent so you know where your health care dollar goes.

Maybe this information will even help to shape how you choose to buy your health insurance next year, or help you decide to start investing in your health this year. We want you to be safe and be covered so you have a better quality of life with the peace of mind that you will be taken care of if a major health incident happens in your life.

At the end of this series, you’ll see how the breakdown of your monthly payment works to cover your doctor’s appointments, hospital visits, prescription drugs, physical therapy, durable medical equipment like wheelchairs, medical tests and more. We encourage you to get every uncertainty on the table so you will feel more confident in the coverage you are receiving from us.

Next up, Where do My Payments Go?

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  • I pay over $400 a month for the lowest level of coverage. BCBS does not cover anything until I meet my deductible of $6,500. Last year I paid around $230 a month and BCBS covered 30%  of my medical costs before I reached the deductible. Thanks to Obamacare the cost to have insurance has skyrocketed out of control. I would spend less out of pocket not having any coverage. A typical visit for me is around $200 every few months. But with absurd premium a visit now costs me over $600, that is my premium plus the cost of the visit. So my money goes to pay for medical equipment and to the drug companies and to pay for medical staff. It does not pay for any of my medical treatments until I have paid $6,500 out of pocket for treatment in a year. With this new amazing affordable health care act i get to pay $11,360 out of pocket before BCBS covers any of my medical treatments. How about the CEO's making less money a year and bringing the insurance back to where it actually helps people. Nobody needs to make millions of dollars a year, they will be fine with a pay cut. I get to work multiple jobs so that I can pay my premium. I remember when you paid your premium and had part of your medical costs covered by insurance before meeting a deductible. Will that ever come back or is the greed to strong to make things right for people???

  • This article upsets me!!!  CONFUSING??  Easier to understand the cost breakdown of insurance??  How about understanding this BCBS...we own our own business (small business 7 employees which that includes my husband and I).  We don't offer insurance but we give a $375/mo reimbursement to employees for medical.  Here is what I don't understand...we went to the exchange to get our insurance (ObamaCare) and we are now paying $1,664.30 per MONTH for a family of 3 who RARELY goes to the Dr.  Our deductible is $6,500 per person.  You don't have to explain to me the cost breakdown.  BCBS needs to explain to me why my insurance keeps going up and the deductible keeps going up.  EXPLAIN THAT.    Last year I had kidney stones, I'm 45 and like I said I don't go to the Dr very often but when I do it sure would be nice to have BCBS pick up some of that.  Now I have a $4,300 bill from the hospital that has now turned me over to collections.   SO last year I have paid out of my pocket over $24,000 to BCBS in insurance premiums and the collection bill.  SOMETHING IS DEFINITELY WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE.  I certainly hope those morons at capital hill are happy with their results of Obamacare.  Affordable Healthcare????  Really!!   Trump seriously needs to get something in place ASAP and make these companies actually compete for business to drive costs down.  AND Trump needs to put a cap on how much the providers will be paid for their services.  Two wrongs are definitely NOT helping the American working people!!