How Do I Update my Communication Preferences?

Victor gets communications from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana that he may miss or not see because of where they're being sent. He doesn't check his email very often and needs to update his communication preferences. Find out what our customer advocate tells Victor about making those updates!

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Originally published 11/13/2020; Video revised 6/2023

Show Transcript

VICTOR: I'm Victor, and I'm meeting with a Blue Cross and Blue Shield customer advocate to discuss how I want my health care information. I get a lot of communications about my health coverage, and sometimes I feel like I miss important information because I don't check my email all that often. Is there any way to change my preferences?

BCBS ADVOCATE: Yes, you can do that on the website. Blue Cross Blue Shield allows you to update your communication preferences to specify what methods work best for you.

VICTOR: That's great. I was worried it would be difficult to update my information.

BCBS ADVOCATE: Not at all. This not only helps us communicate more consistently with our members, but it allows us to have the most accurate and up-to-date contact information.

VICTOR: That makes sense.

BCBS ADVOCATEYou can also use email or text notifications as preferred methods of communications regarding your plan so you don't miss anything important.

VICTOR: Wow. That's convenient. It's hard to remember everything in my health plan, and this option sounds like it will be very helpful.

BCBS ADVOCATE: I'm glad you agree. With the ability to let you choose your preferred contact method, we can provide you with more immediate access to billing materials.

VICTOR: That's nice, because health bills and payments can get confusing. Is there a certain place I should look on the website?

BCBS ADVOCATE: Yes, you can access it by logging into the Blue Access for members account, the under Settings tab, then choose Preferences.

VICTOR: I really appreciate all this effort to make sure I'm getting the communications I need. It's nice to know that changing my information will be an easy process. Thanks.

BCBS ADVOCATE: You're welcome.

NARRATOR: For more information, call the number on your member ID card or visit our website at