• Adult Wellness Guidelines: Making Preventive Care a Priority

    Adult Wellness Guidelines: Making Preventive Care a Priority

    January 17, 2019
    Start the New Year in good health by seeking preventive care. Preventive care is very important for everyone in your family. And the good news is you can receive most preventive care at no additional cost to you. Remember to ask Your Doctor...
  • Members, Glucose Meters are Available to You

    Members, Glucose Meters are Available to You

    August 20, 2018
    Living with diabetes can be a challenge. But maintaining close-to-normal levels of blood sugar has been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes-related problems. That’s why monitoring your blood sugar levels with a blood glucose meter is important...
  • Holiday Baking with Brian Emmett

    December 1, 2017
    The holiday season features time-honored traditions, family recipes and — all too often — rich party foods that can fill you with excess calories, cholesterol and guilt. This year, enjoy delicious holiday fare that’s healthy, too. Whether you...
  • Downloadable Gift Tag

    Downloadable Gift Tag

    December 1, 2016
    Here's a stocking stuffer idea: Make a gift! Your friends and family will appreciate the personal touch. Plus, it’s fun! Check out our four easy D-I-Y gift ideas for inspiration. Print out all four of these adorable gift tags and attached them...
  • Creating Your Asthma Action Plan

    Creating Your Asthma Action Plan

    July 8, 2016
    An asthma action plan is one of the most important tools you can use to breathe easier and keep your asthma under control. A plan eliminates all the guess work. It helps you track the daily treatments you need to stay healthy. It also provides...
  • Soda VS Mineral Water

    December 1, 2015
    Craving a fizzy drink? Before picking up a soda, keep in mind that you could be drinking 10 teaspoons of sugar or more, depending on your serving. If you’re looking to keep your blood-sugar levels under control, it’s much better to steer clear...
  • Don’t fall into portion distortion

    November 24, 2015
    We’ve all seen that picture of someone’s plate during the Thanksgiving Holiday; overflowing with crumbs on the side keeping. We don’t normally eat like this the rest of the year, so why do we think it’s ok to do it in November? The ideal plate...
  • Teaching Kids Healthy Habits

    September 25, 2015
    Parents can help their kids build healthy eating habits that last a lifetime. Find out how to encourage kids to eat right and be active. Whether your child is overweight or not, it's never too early (or too late) to start teaching about eating right...
  • Emergency Preparedness

    Emergency Preparedness

    September 16, 2015
    You're not alone! The reality is that it's very difficult to be totally prepared for an emergency, but there are steps you can take to have a plan of action in case an emergency were to happen. Download this Ready.gov infographic to prepare for...
  • What is Childhood Obesity?

    September 4, 2015
    Nearly 20% of kids ages 6 to 19 are overweight. This is the first video in a four-part video series looking at the causes of childhood obesity, the health risks faced by overweight kids, and what we can do as parents and a society to teach healthy...