How to $ave Money

How to $ave Money

There are many ways you can help keep your health care costs down. Try these tips to find $avings on doctor visits, prescription medications, fitness trackers and more. We have resources to help you make the best decision for you.

Our Provider Finder® online tool is a good place to start
  • Use Provider Finder to see what doctors, hospitals and urgent care centers are in your health plan’s network.
  • Once you find a doctor, double check with their office to make sure the doctor is in your network. Give the doctor’s office the information on your member ID card, including the full name of your plan. This will help them find what your plan covers.
  • If your primary care doctor gives you a referral to another doctor, ask for one who is in your plan’s network. It is important that you make sure that the new doctor is also in your network.
  • If you need surgery or other health services, make sure each provider who will care for you is in your plan’s network.
  • Call the number on your Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana (BCBSMT) member ID card and ask if a certain doctor or other provider is in your network.
Keep $aving with prescription drug benefits
  • Use a Preferred Pharmacy
    Before you fill prescriptions, be sure you are using a  pharmacy in the Preferred Pharmacy Network. Some medications have copays as low as $0 at preferred pharmacies. Some medicines can be filled in a 90-day supply at preferred pharmacies and by mail.

    Get more information about finding a preferred pharmacy near you or how to switch to a preferred pharmacy.
  • Check Your Drug List
    Your drug coverage is based on an approved list of drugs considered to be safe and cost-effective. The drug list is regularly updated. It is always a good idea to confirm your medication(s) is on the drug list. Ask your doctor if a different drug may work for you if your prescription is not on the list.

  • Ask About Generics
    There are times when a generic drug may be a good choice. Learn more about the difference between generic and brand drugs. Be sure to ask your doctor if there are generic options for your prescriptions.

  • Use Rewards if Available
    When you choose your preferred pharmacy, ask if they have a member or buyer rewards program. You may earn rewards through purchases. Some pharmacies allow rewards to be used toward cash discounts on future purchases.
Even more $avings

Any member of a participating BCBSMT plan leaving site icon is eligible for Blue365. Federal Employee Program members across the country are also welcome. You can easily check for new Blue365 discountsleaving site icon 

  • Create a free accountleaving site icon Be sure to have your BCBSMT member ID card handy for this.
  • When you log in, you will see all the deals available to you. When you find a discount you like, click on details. You may get a coupon code that you can apply directly to your purchase on the vendor’s site. Or you may be sent to the vendor’s site, and the discount will have already been applied for you.
Getting rewarded for your healthy actions

By choosing a cost-effective option for your care, you can save money on your out-of-pocket costs and may earn cash with Member Rewards.*

It's easy. There aren't any forms to fill out. Just follow these steps when a doctor suggests a medical procedure or service:

  1. Log into Blue Access for MembersSM at
  2. Look for "Find Care." Then you can search for providers such as doctors, facilities and hospitals. Compare your choices and select a reward eligible location. 
  3. Have the procedure or service at the reward-eligible location you chose.

Once the claim is paid and verified as reward eligible, you'll receive a check in the mail.

*To see if you have the Member Rewards program, call the customer service number listed on your BCBSMT member ID card. Even if you don’t have Member Rewards, you can still cut your out-of-pocket costs by choosing a lower cost provider.