Is Your Pharmacy In-Network?

Is Your Pharmacy In-Network?

New Year, New Pharmacy?

You probably know that it just makes sense to find out if your health provider is in the network before you make an appointment. But did you know that your pharmacy must also be in the network?

With some prescription drug plans, in addition to in-network and out-of-network pharmacies, you also may have what’s referred to as a value pharmacy network.

While you’ll save money if you visit a pharmacy in the network, you’ll save the most money when you fill your prescriptions at value pharmacies if this network is part of your benefits.

Value Pharmacy*

In-network Pharmacy

Out-of-network Pharmacy

Most cost savings

Lowest out-of-pocket

Some Savings

Lower out-of-pocket

No savings

Highest out-of-pocket




*Does not apply to all pharmacy benefit plans. See your plan materials for details.

Find a Network Pharmacy

To find an in-network contracting pharmacy, call the number on the back of your member ID card or sign in to

Move Your Current Prescriptions

It’s easy to move an existing prescription or remaining refill to a new pharmacy. You can do one of these:

  1. Take your prescription bottle/bag to the new pharmacy, or
  2. Call the new pharmacy and ask them to contact the current pharmacy, or
  3. Ask your doctor to contact the new pharmacy.

Fill New Prescriptions

Ask your doctor to send any new prescriptions to the new network pharmacy. Be sure to bring your member ID card with you if it’s your first visit to the pharmacy or if you have changed health insurance plans.

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Last Updated 1/17/2018