Iced Cucumber Lemon Matcha

Ingredients: Makes 1 serving


3/4 tsp matcha powder
9 fl oz warm water
1 ½ tbsp sugar
1 ½ tbsp water
1 oz (2 each) English cucumber ribbons
3 T. lemon juice


  1. Whisk matcha powder into warm water until dissolved. Chill.
  2. Make a simple syrup by combining sugar and water in a pot. Bring mixture to a simmer and stir until sugar is dissolved. Chill mixture.
  3. To make cucumber ribbons, cut cucumber in half width wise. Use a mandolin to cut halved cucumber into ribbons lengthwise.
  4. Combine matcha tea mixture, simple syrup and lemon juice and pour over ice. Garnish with cucumber slices.

Nutrition information:
Per serving: Cal: 80, Total Fat: 0g, Sat Fat: 0g, Sodium: 10mg, Carbs: 20g, Protein: 0g, Sugar: 20g, Fiber: 0g

Recipe Source:
Recipe provided by FLIK Hospitality Group leaving site icon